Trip to the Oregon Coast 7/24-7/28

Tucker loved the icecream at the Tillamook Cheese Factory
mmmmmm...more please
This was taken between Seaside and Cannon Beach (the Terrible Tilly Lighthouse is way off in the background you can't see it in this pic)
Danny and Tucker flying a kite (Seaside)
This is the house we rented in Seaside (the one with the green trim)
Octopus at the aquarium
Randon, Danny and Tucker riding the carousel

Chad, Randon and Julie playing in the ocean
Tucker loved playing in the sand
Tucker and mommy playing in the ocean (it was COLD)
Tucker and Danny walkin on the beach
Gotta rinse off all of that sand!

Mommy, Tucker, and Daddy's foot prints in the sand
Daddy, Tucker and Mommy's sandy feet
Julie and Randon playing in the ocean


Camping Trip over 4th of July Weekend

We went camping at Freeman Creek at Dworshak Reservoir over the weekend. Tucker had a great time! He especially enjoyed playing in the dirt, finding sticks, and rocks (basically getting filthy). We spent a lot of time boating, visiting with friends, and playing on the floating docks.

Tucker hanging out with his ladies.


Watching Daddy Work

Tucker is watching out the window while Daddy mows the lawn.


First Boat Trip of the Year

Tucker already knows how to drive.
Cool Shades
Watch out Randon is driving!

Nap Time


So Sleepy!

Tucker snuggling up with Daddy in bed!


Happy Father's Day!

Playing on the swingset at Grandma and Papa's
Papa Skippy and Tucker J.
Catching some rays
Hello Mommy...I'm going to get you!
Watcha doing Daddy?


The Boys Playing

Randon and Tucker like to wrestle with eachother.

Josie is giving Tuck a kiss
Taking a bath after a hard day of playing!
Tucker walks to Randon.


Memorial Day Weekend

Aunt Julie reading one of Tuck's favorite books.
Camping wears a kid out!
Riding on the 4-wheeler with Daddy.


Memorial Day Weekend

Tucker and Daddy playing on the wagon.
Good work Mom, keep on going!
Tucker and Randon
Max and Tanya
Sitting on Grandma's lap around the campfire.